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Project Services

LA GEAR UP targets a wide geographic range of schools with Project Services designed to effectively help students overcome the financial, academic, and/or personal challenges that prevent them from seriously considering college, selecting the best college fit, and taking the steps to get a postsecondary education.

                                2014-15 No-Cost Extension Project Services Key
Project Description
Postsecondary Transition Special Events College Kick-Off, College Goal Sunday, Louisiana College Application Month, and College Acceptance Day create excitement, increase aspirations, and provide application support by helping students navigate the complex college application process, develop competitive applications and essays, procure fee waivers, and complete the FAFSA.
Financial Aid Awareness Financial Aid Awareness activities such as LOSFA’s Financial Literacy for You (FLY) Tours, FAFSA, and TOPS presentations promote scholarships, grants, and institutional aid, increase the likelihood that students will be able to afford a match college, and encourage students to complete the FAFSA early.
Academic-Year Clubs Academic-Year Explorers’ Clubs extend and reinforce Summer Programming. Clubs are designed to empower students to make personal choices and develop the “soft” or non-cognitive skills that build grit and perseverance and are so necessary for academic success and postsecondary achievement.
Make a Difference (MaD) Subgrants MaD Subgrants empower schools with the flexibility to respond to the specific needs of their students and address school reform needs. MaD fundsare intended to leverage efforts eithercurrently underway but underfunded or unfunded efforts deemed essential to the success of the LA GEAR UP cohort.  2014-15NCE special funding areas:

  • ACT Prep includes school site licenses for ACT’s online prep tool, PD for teachers, and student prep materials and test fees.
  • Advanced Placement supports the PD of teachers and payment of student exam fees and makes materials available to schools that have undertaken the development and implementation of AP programs on their campuses.
  • Campus Field Trips create a culture of high aspirations among college-ready students by introducing them to the full range of selective four-year colleges, private universities, public flagship institutions, and minority-serving institutions.
  • Dual Enrollment supports include tuition, fees, and costs for specific materials and supplies associated with dual enrollment coursework either through MaD subgrants or TOPS Tech Early Start awards.
  • PBS reinforces and rewards positive Social and Emotional Learning skills and behavioral actions.
  • Tutoring projects may be designed to help students attain grade-level proficiency in basic skills, learn more advanced skills, assist students with homework assignments, provide credit recovery and/or instruction, and foster good study habit

LA GEAR UP ensures that all eligible LA GEAR UP participants receive equal access to its services and equal treatment within the program, regardless of age, race, color, national origin, gender, or disability.  Existing project facilities comply with requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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