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College Kickoff!

College Kick-Off is coming to your school or district in September!

Attend College Kick-Off!

Start preparing for college acceptance now!

Paint banners and practice your cheer!

Wear your college colors!

OSSCs from each LA GEAR UP school are asked to facilitate the LOSFA District-Wide College Kick-Off event which unveils a yearlong plan to assist students by motivating, instructing, and monitoring postsecondary transition activities. This event requires one class period with your senior class.

Expect a Call to Rally, a review of the Senior Timeline, wrist bands, t-shirts, and a rousing good time!


Did you receive a START Savings Statement in the mail?

If you did:

1)   You were enrolled in a school that participated in Louisiana GEAR UP during 2002-present.

2)   You were awarded a Rewards For Success Scholarship.

So what do you do now?

1)   If you are currently enrolled in a college/university, you can use your funds to help pay for tuition, fees, books, room and board, materials and supplies, as well as equipment required for enrollment by the college.

A. Just go to this link:

…fill out the Request for Disbursement Form, and send your form back to LA GEAR UP via fax or snail mail and we will start the process of transferring your money to an approved post-secondary education institution.

B. Funds are sent directly to the college/university.

C. Please submit your Request for Disbursement Form at least 30 days before your tuition is due, while it may take as little as 2-weeks for processing sometimes processing time is longer.


ACT Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Do you need extra time or special accommodations while taking the ACT?  Check out this link for assistance:

ACT will make decisions on a case by case basis and documented need.

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    August 1st, 2015
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